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Vegetables For Small Gardens

Growing food crops in a small garden can be difficult, especially in the city where land is at a premium. That doesn't mean that it can't be done though! Plant breeders know this and keep coming out with great compact varieties of fruits and vegetables every year!

These are some of the best crops for growing in small gardens because they don't take up a lot of space, give you a good harvest, and save you money at the grocery store!



Most herbs can be happily grown in containers or small garden beds! Choose your most used fresh herbs and fill up an appropriately sized container. Place in a nice sunny area on your patio and you'll have delicious fresh herbs all summer long! Basil, rosemary, chives, cilantro, and sage are all great choices.



Also referred to as a "cut and come again" this delicious vegetable keeps on producing all summer! Simply harvest the matured outer leaves and leave the smaller ones in the center to keep growing. Chard has a taste similar to that of spinach only it has beautiful, brightly colored leaves!



Lettuces are great for small spaces because they don't take up too much room and have one of the shortest seed to harvest periods of all vegetables. Plant a few different varieties for a delicious, colorful salad!



Peppers are a great compact fruit to include in your small garden! Even better, try including hot peppers as an ornamental in your flower pots! The fruits add beautiful color and texture to your pots and the fruits tend to last longer than sweet peppers. Even in the garden, peppers are great because they don't grow too large.


Dwarf or Bush Type Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes from your own garden are the best! The only problem is that they can get huge! Try growing bush type tomatoes! They give you all the flavor you love in a dwarfed plant that grows well in small gardens. Better yet, there are varieties available for all your favorite types of tomatoes: slicing, cherry, paste, and grape! Look for varieties like bush early girl, homeslice, windowbox roma, patio, and husky red.


Vining Plants

A great solution to limited space: grow vertically. Look for climbing and vining plants like cucumbers and pole beans. These guys will happily climb up a bamboo teepee or even a tomato cage.

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