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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is gardening without the use of modern fertilizers and pesticides. It doesn’t mean that the plants are neglected and on their own though. We can still fertilize and even spray if we develop a problem....but what we use is different.

Instead of using a mineral fertilizer, look for an organic fertilizer like animal manure or other animal and plant based products. These products are slow release by their nature and last a longer time. They need to breakdown in the soil before they are used by the plant. Because of that, be sure to put them on before your plants start looking pale and hungry. Using a generous application at planting and then once monthly is a good rule of thumb.

Sometimes insect infestations or diseases happen, they're a part of nature too! You don't have to surrender your garden to them though. There are many treatments available that come from natural sources. Organic insecticides include things like neem oil (from neem tree seeds) and spinosad (a naturally occurring soil bacteria). Fungicides include sulfur spray (mined from sulfur containing rocks) and Serenade (a beneficial bacteria that attacks fungal diseases).

Anyone can have an organic garden. We make it easy. Got a problem? Come see us! Bring in a sample of your sick plant and we can put the right tool in your hand to fix it.

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