We're here for all your gardening needs.

Welcome to Fasel and Sons, the best kept secret on the south side! Since 1963 we have been serving the gardening needs of the South Chicagoland community. We pride ourselves on having one of the biggest and best selections of flowering annuals and vegetables in the South side. Our gorgeous, overflowing greenhouses are a must see destination all their own. While you are visiting us, be sure to check out our newly expanded perennial, vegetable and herb departments.

Talk with our passionate, experienced staff for fun ideas to breathe new life into your landscape and gardens. We can find plants for your problem spots, suggest new and exciting varieties of annuals or introduce you to tried and tested heirloom vegetables that beat the pants off the taste of store bought produce.


Do you want a professionally designed landscape full of season long color? We offer a free landscape design service.


Something bugging you? Problem solving is a specialty of our plant doctors. Whether it’s a pesky insect, disease or invasive weed we have a solution. Bring in a fresh sample of the problem for the most accurate diagnosis. We are here to help!

10841 S. Cicero Ave

Oak Lawn, IL 60453

(708) 422-5335