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Fasel & Sons Guarantee

Fasel & Sons 1 Year 

Plant Partnership

At Fasel and Sons we want you to create beautiful gardens and landscapes with the confidence that the plants you purchase will grow and thrive. Fasel and Sons guarantees all trees, shrubs, and evergreens for one year. If any tree, shrub, or evergreen fails to grow within one year of purchase, simply follow the process below and receive a 50% credit towards a replacement plant.

All guarantees are contingent to just and proper care and will be honored

in the form of a one time plant replacement credit.

The Plant

Please dig up the plant, attempting to leave the root system intact.

Your long term success is our ultimate goal. We want to be able to assess what happened to the plant and give you suggestions for your new plant!

Original Receipt

All guarantees must be accompanied by a valid Fasel and Sons Receipt.

A guarantee cannot be issued without proper proof of purchase.

One Time Replacement Credit

All guarantees will be honored in the form of a one time replacement plant credit.

You will always receive a guarantee credit for the value of what you paid for the plant. If your plant/plants were purchased at a discount, you will receive a 50% credit of the value that you paid.

Our guarantee does not cover:


Plants damaged or destroyed by neglect such as improper watering, pruning, or planting techniques. This is determined at the discretion of the Nursery Manager.

 Acts of Nature

Acts of nature such as ice storms, damaging winds, or physical damage from people or animals.

Under Performing Plants

If your plant isn't performing up to your expectations,  there are often other measures that can be taken to improve the plant. We are happy to assist you with this.

Annuals, Perennials, Roses, & Houseplants

Fasel & Sons guarantees that the annuals, perennials, roses, and houseplants you purchase are expertly cared for by our professional growers and staff, and will be in healthy, vigorous condition at time of purchase. Due to varying conditions outside of our ideal growing environment, the health of these plants can be subject to change. 

Our Plant Partnership:  We do our best to source the highest quality plants possible, and we ask that you provide them with the highest care possible. Not sure what's wrong with your plant? Contact us at the first sight of a problem. 

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