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How To: Grow HUGE Tomatoes

Want to grow tomatoes the size of softballs?

Here's How.

1. Choose a variety that naturally grows large tomatoes. Beefsteaks and slicing types are good choices. Sorry, you can't make your favorite sweet cherry tomatoes grow the size of softballs.

2. Soil matters. Be sure to add rich compost to your garden every year to soften the soil and add back the nutrients your plants removed. Also be sure to loosen up any compacted soil. Soft, loosened soil is much easier for plant roots to grow through.

3. Plant your tomato in an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun. Space them well apart, 5 to 6 feet would be good.

4. Cage or stake your plant well to keep it from falling over and breaking branches. It's easier to do this when they're small.

5. Water your tomato regularly. Uneven watering can cause fruits to crack and split. Applying mulch to the base of the plant helps maintain even water levels in the soil.

6. Fertilize your plant regularly. Avoid using fertilizers heavy in nitrogen. (The first number.) These promote more green growth on the plant, but we want BIG fruits not big leaves.

7. Thin out fruits when they are small. Fewer fruits means the plant can put all of it's energy into making a couple huge tomatoes instead of a bunch of regular tomatoes.

8. Brag to the neighbors about your green thumb.

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