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Why You Should Plant Pansies

Pansy isn't an insult. In the language of flowers, the pansy represents thinking of someone. The flowers were once given by lovers in Victorian times as a secret message that they were being thought of. A myth even arose that you could see the face of your beloved by staring into the face of a pansy flower.

In modern times the name pansy has come to mean weakness. These plants have been given a bad rap. Anyone who has grown pansies can attest that these flowers are tough as nails when it comes to cold weather! Pansies are frequently seen cheerily blooming among patches of snow and frost that would freeze most flowers to death!

Pansies come in many different colors including two tone combinations. Some have a blotch of darker color called a face. Others come with delicate lines drawn on the petals called whiskers. Miniature versions are also available.

Secret Tips

Pansies planted in the fall on southern or western exposures can often survive the entire winter and begin blooming AGAIN in the spring!

Pansy flowers are edible and look beautiful in fresh salads or candied and placed on cookies or cakes.

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