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Ultimate Lawn Care Guide

Want a great lawn with less work but don't know how? This article is for you!


Fertilizer doesn’t just keep lawns beautifully green. It keeps them healthy too! We need to continuously replenish soil fertility because nutrients are removed every time it rains. They are also removed by bagging your clippings.

The easiest way to replace them is to buy a fertilizer program. Programs are yearly “kits” that contain all the slow release fertilizer your lawn needs for one year. Simply purchase one in the spring and then apply the bags throughout the season as instructed. There are multiple programs to choose from. We sell three, four and five application programs. The three application program is the best because it offers great results with the least amount of work. Only three applications a year keep your lawn green from spring to fall. Easier is better!



Lots of folks unintentionally hurt their lawns in the heat of summer by mowing too short. Longer grass blades mean longer roots. Longer roots reach deeper into the soil and mean a more consistent water supply for heat stressed plants. Lawns should be mowed at 2.5 to 3 inches in spring and fall and 3 to 4 inches in the heat of summer. Your lawn and your wallet will thank you!



Proper watering can seem counter intuitive. More water does not always mean greener grass. Multiple waterings a week encourage weak root development and promote fungal diseases. It's much better to give one heavy watering ( simulating one inch of rainfall) a week and allow the soil to dry out in between. This encourages strong deep roots and helps keep fertilizer from washing out of the soil. It's also less work and less water.


Pests, Weeds, & Diseases

Now that we've laid down the fundamentals of growing healthy, green grass, what happens when something decides it's going to come in and try to ruin all of our hard work?

Certain insects and fungal diseases can ruin an otherwise attractive lawn in a matter of months. Rather than guessing what the problem is, ask the experts! Just like you go to the doctor when you are sick, come see one of our plant doctors when your lawn is sick!

Bring in a sample of the affected area. Using a shovel, dig out a 1 square foot by 2-3 inch deep section of your lawn showing the affected grass next to healthy grass and bring it in to us. After we're done taking a look at it, you can simply drop it back in place like a piece of sod.

If you have a weed problem, simply pull up the weeds and bring them in to us. We'll make sure to prescribe the perfect medicine for your lawn!

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