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How To: Have a Thick Lawn

I'll tell you a secret.

Weeds have a weakness we can exploit. They're just opportunists looking for an open door. A healthy, vigorous lawn helps to crowd out the weeds that are there and prevents new ones from getting a foothold. To put it another way, if you get your grass to grow thick and lush, the problem of weeds mostly takes care of itself.

Now lets grow some grass!

We can thicken the lawn we have in 2 ways. Over seeding and fertilizing.

Over seeding is like adding hair plugs. Simply rake the lawn to remove any dead grass and

rough up the soil in any small bare patches between the existing grass. Scratch in a little compost to hold more water and sprinkle seed over the entire area. Water enough that the surface doesn’t dry out for 14 to 21 days and you should see a tiny green army sprout before your eyes. These new plants will fill in the bare spots and even thicken up the areas that already had some grass!

The next method is fertilizing. A regular fertilizing schedule helps the grass plants to reproduce and get thick without adding seed. Many species of grass send out root like runners that pop up with baby pants next to the mother plant. Fertilizer encourages this.

Of course, you can also resort to other measures if you already have a huge weed problem. Bring in a fresh sample of your weeds and we'll get the right spray to get rid of them. Then we can use over-seeding and fertilizing to quickly fill in the gaps where the weeds used to be so they can't come back.

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