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Preventing Grubs in Your Lawn

Grubs are coming! Get ready!

Grubs can completely destroy a lawn in a single season. They are the larval form of several species of beetle. Japanese beetle and June beetle larvae are the most common types. The adults (the beetles you see flying around) appear in early June and spend the next 6 weeks flying around, laying eggs in your lawn. Those eggs hatch and the grubs start feeding on the roots of your beautiful lawn.

The grubs continue to get bigger and bigger as summer goes on. As they get bigger they eat more and more of your lawn's roots. The lawn may still look normal, but by August the damage becomes obvious. Large patches of grass wilt and die even if watered. Dead turf can be lifted off the soil like a bad toupee. Adding insult to injury, hungry animals like birds and raccoons can be attracted to the fat, juicy grubs and begin tearing up the lawn in search of a meal.

You can prevent it. Now.


Grub Ex is the best solution for this time of year. It works as a grub preventer and killer for up to 4 months. Apply it with a spreader and water it in after to activate it. It should ideally be applied in May but can be applied later in summer even after the damage is noticed.

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