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Nature's Roto-tiller

Compost is great for improving the soil, but digging it into the ground is so hard! If only there was a way to get someone else to do it for us!

Did you know there's an army of workers who will do it happily for free!

Did you know they live in your yard already? EARTHWORMS!

Every year, just spread compost over the bed in the spring or fall and plant into it whenever you're ready. The worms spend the warm months mixing your compost for you. They'll tunnel through the soil underneath and into the fresh compost to eat the organic matter. This mixes the two together and their tunnels aerate the mix. Peat moss, leaf clippings, cow manure, mushroom soil.....whatever you've got, they'll mix it for you!

It takes them a while to get started at first. C'mon they're just little guys! However, once their population increases you'll be surprised at what they can do in a year.

Every year, just spread a new layer of compost to keep the cycle going. Voila! You'll have some of the softest, richest soil on the block without having to pick up a shovel.

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