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My First Veggie Garden

Gardening with kids is a great way to introduce them to nature. It's also a great way to reintroduce ourselves! Gardens don't have to be huge in size or investment. Even a small area with a couple plants or a couple of planters on the patio can create rewarding experiences, good eating habits, and a lifetime of memories for both of you.

Talk with your kids, ask them what they like to eat and then grow that (sorry, no pizza or chicken tender seeds)

Although anything can be grown in the garden, if you're a real first timer, consider things like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, bush green beans, bush peas, cucumbers, radishes, and onions. Herbs like dill, basil, thyme, mint, and parsley are easy to grow.

After planting, just a couple of minutes a week together in the garden is all it takes to watch things grow and ripen. There is nothing so sweet as the first bite from your very own garden. You owe it to your kids and yourself to experience it.

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