Growing Veggies in Containers

Don't let a lack of space in your yard keep you from growing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs! Most of these can be just as easily and with just as much success grown in containers.

Pick the Right Plant

One of the big space hogs and most popular plants in in the garden: Tomatoes. Regular tomato plants get way too big for most containers. Unless you want to grow them in a really big planter. To solve this, make sure to pick a variety of tomato that is bred for containers. These super small plants thrive in containers and produce either tennis ball or cherry sized tomatoes depending on the variety you pick.

You'll also notice many other types of plants that are bred for containers and tight spaces: bush beans, bush cucumbers, bush peas, etc. Look for these kinds of names when you're picking your plants.

Pick the Right Container

Different plants have different container requirements. As a general rule of thumb, you should use a planter that is at least one foot across. The bigger the better. Plus, if you use a large enough container, you can plant multiple types of plants in the same pot!

The Right Soil

Soil is the foundation of healthy roots, and healthy roots are the foundation of delicious, healthy veggies. Be sure to use a light, airy mix to grow your veggies in. Try our Baccto Veggie Mix. It's a great organic option that provides a light, airy growing environment for your veggies and holds water really well too!

The Right Care

Veggies and herbs are hard working plants that need plenty of water and fertilizer to live up to their fullest potential. Remember: when plants are grown in the ground, they have access to water and nutrients in the soil as far as their roots can grow. But, in containers, they're limited to only what you give to them. They can't grow deeper or wider roots to search for it. Check plants for water daily and make sure to feed them on a regular schedule. We like to use slow release fertilizers like Osmocote, Garden Tone, and Tomato Tone.

Now you're on your way to growing all of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs right on you patio! Hey, if you place them close enough to your door, you won't even have to go outside to pick them 😉

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