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How To: Get Rid of Grubs

Now is a good time for everyone to check their lawn for grubs. Five minutes is all it takes. Why everyone? Because, it's possible for the preventative treatment you put down earlier to fail. Usually from heavy rains or improper application. It's rare, but possible. Those of you who like to live dangerously and didn't apply a preventative are at a much higher risk. In either case, Here's what to look for.

1. You find big, ugly grubs when you dig in the lawn.

2. Large patches of grass wilt and die even if watered.

3. Dead turf can be lifted off the soil like a bad toupee.

4. Symptoms get worse as the summer goes on.

5. Hungry animals like birds and raccoons begin tearing up the lawn in search of a meal.

24 hour grub killer is the best option at this point in the grub life cycle. It works quickly even on large grubs. Water your lawn heavily the day before to force the grubs up to the surface. Then apply the 24 hour grub killer according to directions and water it in afterwards to activate it.

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