Gardening For The Night

When the sun begins to set on your yard, that means one of two things: you should have a drink in your hand because hey, you worked hard today and two, you should be out enjoying your beautiful garden. The garden becomes something totally different at night. There are different sounds, fragrances, and colors.

Making your garden a more compelling place after dark is a great way to sit down, relax and unwind, and enjoy all your hard work. Here are a few simple ways to achieve this.


Lighting is key

If you can't see anything in your yard, you're probably not going to want to hang out there. Solar garden lights are perfect for solving this problem. They charge themselves up during the day and provide you with soft lighting the rest of the evening. Whether they're white or multi-colored, they help brighten up your yard.

Another great option is string lights. Whether wrapped around tree trunks, or hung overhead, these add a really charming element to your yard. Just picture yourself unwinding at the end of a long day underneath that gazebo or by the fire pit. I know I'd love it!

White flowers

White flowers really pop at night. Reds, blues, purples, and pinks just aren't quite as vibrant at night. Spreading white flowers throughout the yard will add pops of brightness all around that glow wonderfully under the moon light.

Silver Foliage

Plants with silver foliage accomplish a very similar task to those of white flowers. Their silvery foliage really helps reflect any light source available and they stand out nicely. Look for plants like Lamb's Ear, Russian Sage, Dusty Miller, Silver Falls Dichondra, and Licorice Plant.


A yard without seating isn't one you'll want to spend your night in. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable chairs for you and your company. If you're by yourself, get a comfortable hammock. Just make sure not to fall asleep!


Close your eyes and think of what you'd like your yard to sound like at night. The sounds of the crickets. The rustling of leaves and grasses. The soft clinging of a wind chime in the distance. The crackle of a fire. The sounds of a water feature. These are all delightful in the evening.

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