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Flowers You Can Eat

Edible flowers are a great way to add color to any dish and really liven it up! It's even better to know that they came from you own garden!

Most edible flowers are best eaten right after they open up rather than a few days after the buds have opened so keep you eyes out for fresh flowers!

Keep in mind that not all flowers are edible. In fact, some can be poisonous so be sure to do your research first if you don't see them on the list below. Second is to avoid any flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides. One common edible flower is dandelions but unless you have an organic lawn (no weed killers or fertilizers) avoid munching on these.


Nasturtium. These brightly colored flowers have a peppery flavor to them and make a lovely garnish on any dish.

Pansies or Violas. These are great for adding to cakes or desserts for their beautiful color. You can even candy them to make them look especially delicious!

Monarda. Also known as bee balm these flowers have a minty flavor and are great when added to drinks or salads.

Daylily. The buds and flowers of daylilies taste like asparagus. They make a lovely garnish for all sorts of dishes or they can be stuffed or made into fritters.

Alliums. Included in Alliums is flowers of onions, chives, leeks, and garlic. These are delicious in salads, potato salads, and dips.

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