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Flowers Bigger Than Your Head!

If you haven't met our friend Hibiscus yet, I think it's time we introduce you. More specifically, Hibiscus moscheutos or Perennial Hibiscus.

His flowers get HUGE! They can literally be bigger than your head. Not only does he make huge flowers, but guess what. He's also a perennial! That's right, no re-planting year after year. Just plant once, and enjoy the massive flowers for years to come.

This large flowering perennial comes back from the roots every year. They're one of the last plants in the garden to wake up in spring so don't give up on them. They just need time. By July they'll be loaded with flowers the size of your head.


Now our friend has 2 other "cousins" that are also called Hibiscus. Only their last names are syriaca and rosa-sinensis. Sometimes they get confused because, up close, they can look pretty similar.


Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriaca) is a woody perennial shrub that comes back every year. The branches grow new leaves every June and they are loaded with hundreds of small flowers by mid summer. Well known for their huge floral displays, Rose of Sharon is a true staple in the all seasons garden.


Tropical Hibiscus or Chinese Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) is a medium flowing tropical species that can't survive freezing temperatures. Most people just replace them every year, just like their petunias and geraniums. But, some people do choose to bring them in and overwinter them like a houseplant. It's your call. I get new ones because I like to get different colors every year!


Well, now you've met our friend, and his 2 "cousins". Get to know them all better. We know them pretty well and they still surprise us every year!

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