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How To Kill Creeping Charlie

Creeping charlie is a low growing perennial weed. It's probably the most common weed we see brought in by customers. Every year it's brought in by the fistful by dozens and dozens of angry, frustrated customers who are unable to beat it with the spray they got at the big box store. It can be rather tough to get rid of.

This weed is difficult to kill, but possible!

It requires the right chemical as well as the right timing for spraying. This weed will require several treatments to be controlled.

This purple flowering plant muscles his way into your yard and forms thick spreading mats that choke out grass and take over flower beds. If you aren't careful, you may even find him growing behind the couch in the living room! (OK maybe it's not that bad...).


Don't wait until your lawn looks like this.

The first step in controlling creeping charlie is to maintain a healthy lawn. Most lawn weeds, creeping charlie included, are very much opportunists. They thrive in soils with poor nutrition, wet areas, and shady areas: all spots where grass doesn't grow well. They see a bad, patchy lawn and jump right in. So first, keep your lawn healthy and address any major problems when they arise rather than after the fact


Though creeping charlie is considered a broadleaf weed, it is not killed by all broadleaf weed herbicides. Only herbicides that contain a chemical called Dicamba are effective and even those are only effective when applied at the right time and frequency.

We carry Fertilome Weed Free Zone.

And trust me: It's THE STUFF.

We have it in both a ready to use spray bottle like the one here or in concentrate form for use in a tank or hose-end sprayer.

Spray any problem areas 3 days after mowing and don't mow again for 3 days after application. Check back again in 2 weeks and see how the creeping charlie looks. Often times, it may look like it's dying, but spray it again.

The Easiest Method

When you see what you believe to be creeping charlie in your lawn, stop by the store with a sample to verify that it really is Creeping Charlie. Talk with one of our free lawn coaches and we'll show you how to kick charlie out for good.

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