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Watering Plants While On Vacation

Getting out of town and going on vacation is always great. Whether it's a week at the beach relaxing or a weekend hiking in the woods, you should be able to rest your mind right? Well if you have a garden, a bunch of flower planters, or new landscaping you might be a little concerned - especially if your neighbor can't be trusted with looking after them while you're gone.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your plants happy and healthy while you're out of town. And your neighbor is probably forgetting to water your plants...


The first few questions you have to ask yourself are:

How long will you be away?

If you're only going away for a weekend, one good soaking before you leave is probably good enough to get them through the weekend. Any longer than that and you'll probably want to have someone check on them for you

What is the weather supposed to be like while you're gone?

Given the right weather conditions, you could leave for a week or even 2 and not have to water your plants at all! Wishful thinking though! If a 3-4 day trip involves cloudy days and a good rain while you're gone, then your plants will likely be fine!

What types of plantings do you have?

New plantings, newly seeded lawns, and hanging baskets and small pots typically need water more often than established plantings and large planters. If you have large planters and established plantings in the yard, you'll probably be able to squeeze in a day or two longer without having to ask someone to check for you.


While you're away

  • Move your planters to a shady part of your yard. This keeps them out of the hot sun and they won't dry out as fast.

  • Apply a layer of bark mulch to the top of your containers and your garden beds (which you should have mulched anyways). This helps to seal in more moisture and prevents it from evaporating as quickly

  • Use self watering planters. These contain a water reservoir in the bottom that can keep plants happy a few days longer than in traditional containers.

  • Set up soaker hoses. These are a great way to water you garden beds. They slowly water your garden so you can go get other things done while they are running. Even better, you can hook them up to a timer and have them come on automatically so you and your neighbors don't have to worry about it!

  • Best of all- Water everything in really well before you leave. Water planters and baskets until the soil is completely saturated and make sure that garden beds are watered well to a depth of 8-10 inches.


Now enjoy your vacation knowing that your plants are going to be ok!

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