Unique Garden Themes For 2019

Sick of winter? Got spring fever? Today is a good day to plan the garden. Here's a list of garden theme ideas to get you going.

Color theme garden. Is red your favorite color? Yellow? Plant a garden that's all about YOU. Shakespeare garden Grow the plants mentioned by The Bard himself! Butterfly garden It's more than just monarchs! Plant things to feed all the butterflies and pollinators in town.

Child's garden Make childhood even more magical. Plant fun and friendly things kids will still remember as adults. Strawberries, cherry tomatoes and other bite sized fun as well as flowers for picking and playing with like Zinnia, sunflower and snapdragons Xeriscape garden Low maintenance, low water use AND pretty! Meditation/prayer garden Give yourself a quiet corner to meditate or pray. Just for you. Sensory garden Looks good. Smells good. Tastes good. Feels good....some plants even sound good with the wind blowing through them! Tea garden Like herbal tea? Want to experiment with your own blends? Grow your own! You'll find plenty of selections in our herb department.

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