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The Lazy Gardener

There's a hard way and an easy way to do things. Why do it the hard way?

Make your plants grow bigger and your flowers more gorgeous with these easy methods.



Soaker hoses and timers are a great way to make watering in the heat a snap. There are 2 types of soaker hoses. Flat ones that spray water out of pinprick holes and round ones that “sweat” the water out in a trickle. The pinprick hoses can cover a larger area, but are more likely to encourage diseases to form because they wet the leaves as they water. “Sweat” types must be placed closer to the plant, but make more efficient use of water.....and they can be buried under the mulch to hide them.

Whichever type you use, just wind the hose through the bed and attach it to a timer. Set it to water heavily once a week and you're done! Now you don't have to worry about watering beds anymore and your plants will grow bigger and better because they always have the water they need.



After watering, fertilizing is the next most important thing and is often forgotten or skipped entirely-much to the harm of the plant. Plants need nutrients to grow properly, and trust me: just because the potting soil you bought said it has fertilizer in it, doesn't mean that you don't need to fertilize your plants. They still need additional fertilizer and the easiest way to do this is with slow release fertilizers. There are organic and conventional options available.

Organic fertilizers are slow release by their nature. They break down over time and are made available to the plant bit by bit. Plant Tone All Purpose fertilizer feeds continuously for a month per application.

A conventional example is Osmocote Flower and Vegetable fertilizer which feeds continuously for up to FOUR MONTHS! That means that just 2 applications gets the job done for the entire growing season. (it's also one of the secrets to the planters we put on Cicero). Simply mix it in with your soil while planting and you're done.


Soil Matters

Organic matter is a big part of what holds water and nutrients in soils. If it's lacking, so are your plants. Using a potting mix in your containers like Baccto Lite (our premium potting soil) will help you grow larger, healthier plants that need less water and fertilizer. If you're growing in a bed, mixing in a soil amendment like peat moss or mushroom soil will give you the benefits of bigger, healthier plants with less watering and fertilizing. More vigorous plants also can help choke out weeds!


Right Plants - Right Location

Choosing plants that naturally love the conditions in your yard is a great way to make things easy! Whether your yard is sunny and dry or shady and damp - find plants that love those conditions and you don't have to change anything to make them happy. If you have questions about what would be a good fit in your yard, just ask one of the friendly experts at Fasel's!

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