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Keep Critters Out of Your Yard

Animals are often attracted to flowers and veggies in our yards. There are several ways to keep them out.....little buggers.

There are a few basic ways to deter these pests from digging or eating in our gardens: Taste and smell (or fear). Some products will make plants taste bad to these little critters, some irritate their noses when they sniff the ground, and others will make them fear that there is a predator in the area.

Animals that are chewing on your flowers and ornamental plants can be deterred with Repels All spray. It's safe to apply directly on the leaves and flowers. It works by making the plants taste bad. Re apply every week or after heavy rains until the animals quit coming over for lunch. Let'em eat the neighbors petunias instead of yours.

Animals chewing on your veggie and herb plants need to be treated with something that can be washed off after harvest. Go Away Deer and Rabbit repellent will do the job. Just apply it once a week and after heavy rains.

Animals defecating, digging or uprooting plants can be deterred by using a granular product. This ensures that the animal will get a nose full of deterrent! Repels All makes a granular product for squirrels, raccoons, skunks and others. Scram for Cats and Scram for Dogs are products that keep pets from digging and using your flower beds like a litter box.

A more general approach is to use predator urine. This convinces the animal that a dangerous fox or coyote has moved into the neighborhood and it's no longer a safe place to have dinner or hang out. Predator urine can also be used alone or in addition to other deterrents.

p.s. Always remember: your job isn't that bad. Try being the one that has to get all that predator urine... Always look on the bright side 😊

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